Steven Universe Cosplay Resources


Hey everyone!

I’m currently working on my second Steven Universe cosplay, and I’ve been seeing more and more awesome Steven Universe cosplays on the internet and at cons. I thought it would be a good idea to have a topic on here where people looking to do Steven Universe cosplays can find links to good resources - like gems, wigs, body paints, props/weapons, etc.

I’ll start off with sharing some of the resources I’ve used for my 2 SU cosplays.

Gems: I didn’t actually order my Opal cosplay gems from this seller, but I wish I had. I ordered my Rainbow Quartz gems from them. They make pretty good quality SU cosplay gems, but shipping time is slow so make sure you order far in advance:


Bow: I ordered my bow from PVC Armory, which they custom made. They did a very high quality job! The bow was even capable of coming apart, which made it a LOT easier to transport. I highly recommend checking them out if you are doing a cosplay with any kind of bow. And now that they’ve made Opal’s bow before they can probably do it quicker!

Dress: I ordered this dress in Mint and cut/sewed it for the cosplay:

Face paint: This color was a little too dark to match with my tights so I had to mix it with some white but it was pretty close:

Tights: I used these tights in the Baby Blue color to make “sleeves” for my arms and neck/chest, and for my legs (so that I wouldn’t have to cover my whole body in body paint). I thought this color was the closest I could find to Opal’s true periwinkle skin tone.

Shoes: I bought brown platform wedge ankle booties and spraypainted them yellow. I can’t find the exact ones that I bought unfortunately but here’s some that already come in yellow (Though the ankle doesn’t come up as high):|398160098|110001|GMC|812091101|pla|shjjvs888|US|110001|c|OSHNBL|2|&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt4DNzNvO3AIVU5R-Ch2MVAwVEAkYAiABEgL0BvD_BwE

Rainbow Quartz
I’m not finished with my Rainbow Quartz cosplay yet, but I’ll share the resources I’ve used so far. If anyone else who’s done a Rainbow Quartz cosplay wants to share, please do!



Leg Warmers: hand-knitted and very well made. I liked that these were longer too so I can bunch them up or stretch them out. The seller also provides you with a little bit of extra yarn in case of tears/runs:

I bought a pair of dark purple leggings from a store at the mall, so I don’t have a link to share. But fortunately there are tons of purple leggings available in many different shades from all over the place so you shouldn’t have any trouble ; )

The last two pieces which I haven’t gotten yet are the white bodysuit and the mesh overshirt. I’ll post updates when I get them :slight_smile:

Hope this is helpful! Add your own Steven Universe cosplay tips and resources!


Thank you so much :heart:️:sparkles:


Very nice resource list. Thanks for sharing!