Dragoncon tips!


What are your favorite cosplay Dragoncon tips?

Here are some of my top 5!:

  1. Hydrate!
    Atlanta get so hot! Please make sure you are drinking enough water, even if you are wearing a mask or face paint straws can me very useful!

  2. Final seal!
    Even if you aren’t doing body/facepaint Ben nye final seal is magic. It holds all the makeup in place and if great to avoid sweating it off. If you are body painting doing a layer of sealer, then setting powder, then sealer again holds everything in place great! For me with oily skin I was amazingly surprised!

    Hidden pockets in your cosplay will be a lifesaver for you! It’s doesnt have to be big, just enough to put an ID, credit card, cash, and if you are like me an inhaler.

  4. Bring extras!
    If you are worried about seams popping, paint chipping, or pieces breaking bring extras. Anything you think you may need for repairs. Also bring anything that could be a quick fix like Velcro, hot glue, safety pins. Also surprisingly sharpies can me used to fillin chipped paint on props

  5. Not really cosplay but, You can’t do it all.
    All the costumes, all the panels, all the friends. Dragoncon can be very overwhelming. I cried everyday the first year I went 7 years ago. There is so much happening that it’s easier to pick a few things and go with the flow. It will keep you happy and sane.

Those are my top words of advice.

What are your top tips for Dragoncon


Great tips. Number five is a must. Dragoncon is huge and you can find yourself being bummed that you missed out on somethings. Make sure that you plan out your days.